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Altitude Sickness

That single verse from Psalm 138 lifted me up out of sinking sand and set my feet on firm ground. I will not fulfill my purpose for me. I will not even fulfill God's purpose for me. The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me. What peace there is in being the work of my Maker's hands, in knowing my place and His, and in worshipping Him, loving Him all the more for that vast difference

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A Better Country

At this moment in time, right before we pack up our house and head west, the Lord knows I'm upset, and He understands thoroughly the groanings of my spirit, my propensity to look back and want to cling to that which is familiar. I don't need to pretend with Him that it isn't hard. But I also see that holding on to that which is earthly and temporary is self-defeating and foolish, and that all my longings for permanence and painlessness will only ever be satisfied when I go to be with the Lord. I am an alien and stranger here on earth. My citizenship is in heaven, and I long for that better country, that beautiful city God has prepared for me. In the meantime, while I am still earthbound and clothed in this perishable body, I can rest in His presence, take comfort in His immutability, and do my best to keep my gaze heavenward. 

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