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In addition to these featured articles from Lynchburg Business Magazine, Laura K. Weld has written copy for many websites and been published in Diabetes Monthly.

home front educators - holding down the fort one family at a time 

lynchburg business / march 2013

There is a growing trend in education, and it’s nothing novel, alternative or fashionable. It’s a tried and true approach employed for centuries across the globe—parents teaching their own children. That’s right, folks—homeschooling. 

e.c. glass honored for 100 years of continued accreditation

lynchburg business / april 2013

Lynchburg city schools have a mission—“every child, by name and by need, to graduation.” Ingrained in this approach is the city’s commitment to quality education and continual improvement that has resulted in E.C. Glass High School’s most recent accolade—one hundred years of continuous accreditation with AdvancED, the largest accrediting organization in the world.  

ascension analytics: "Business Decisions. Simplified.” 

lynchburg business / June 2013

Drew Griffith can predict the future.  Well, given the right quality and quantity of data, he can come pretty darn close.  

Griffith, data scientist, and former college roommate Joshua Redmond, are the two-man team behind Ascension Analytics, a Lynchburg-based analytics firm specializing in predictive analytics, quantitative modeling, data management, decision management and business forecasting.