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The Mother at the Well

Motherhood requires all that I have, and I quickly find that what I have really isn’t all that much. The distance between my sufficiency for these things and true sufficiency is laughable. I am not selfless enough, patient enough, consistent enough, holy enough, energetic enough, creative enough, wise enough, or loving enough to be a good mother. No, I am a desperate woman at the well with five husbands who are not my husband, begging Him for a drink, embarrassingly wiping Jesus’ feet with my tears and hair. I love much because I have been forgiven so much.

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"And you are not being careful, and you are missing it."

I don't want to miss it. I want to be careful. I want to savor these times instead of always wishing they were somehow different from what they are. I've found that the sort of conscripted, menial servanthood of motherhood can wear a woman down if she isn't careful, if she doesn't purposefully do it for the Lord, in the Lord's strength, and with the Lord's heart. 

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